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Yes, I was in San Francisco last month - but unlike the other 25,000 pilgrims, I wasn't fortunate enough to pay full homage to the Mecca of Java: JavaOne 2000. Instead, I was trapped in somewhat less than invigorating business meetings. I was also in a hurry to get back to Dallas to my wife and my brand new (two-week old) baby boy. However, I did manage to sneak out for a few hours on two separate days to the Moscone Center in downtown San Francisco to sip from the Java technology cup.... Although my impressions of JavaOne this year are based mainly on this brief interlude, I've been following the conference closely via the Web and other means. And let me tell you one thing, folks - I was disappointed. Later I talked to several of my friends and fellow nerds who had attended the full conference. They concurred. This year the excitement and the energy were nowhere c... (more)

Take a Ride on the InfoBus

Components transcend the programming language and support a very high degree of reuse. They greatly simplify the construction of large and complicated software architectures. One of the main reasons why Java promises such a bright future for the computing world is because of its inherent support for component architectures. Some examples of Java's component support are JavaBeansª, Java Foundation Classes (JFC), JavaBeans Activation Framework (JAF) and the InfoBus. This article introduces the InfoBus, a specification for interconnecting JavaBeans by defining the interfaces and th... (more)

Java in the Middle Tier

This month the Java platform segues into the new millennium. These are very exciting times; 1999 was a crucial year in the acceptance of Java in the enterprise as one of the key drivers of e-business. It's ironic that applets ­ the components of Java that helped propel it into the mainstream of Internet applications ­ currently occupy a backseat in the vehicle that propels Java into the 21st century. During the year gone by, the focus was on server-side Java, as predicted last year by several industry pundits ­ more precisely, on Java in the middle tiers of distributed computing.... (more)

Electronic Java

Hello, and welcome to electronic Java! In this column we'll examine the role of Java in the fast-growing world of electronic commerce. We'll also look at how the different components of the Java 2 Platform fit together to create complete enterprise-level e-commerce applications. This column will also focus on how these technologies relate to the world of Java and vice versa. Before we get into the specifics of how Java contributes to the world of e-commerce, I'd like to set the stage by briefly introducing e-commerce and how it relates to the Internet. Of course, once we get to the... (more)

Interview with Jeremy Allaire: Cofounder and CTO of Allaire Corporation, Inc.

JDJ: Allaire has recently been in an acquisition and partnership mode. Can you give us a brief history of the events over the last couple of years and the rationale behind these decisions? Allaire: One of the primary reasons for going public over a year ago was to create a base of assets that could be leveraged into mergers and acquisitions. We saw a number of areas for expansion for our platform, all of which underlined a long-term strategy for becoming one of the leading Internet business platforms. In 1999 we undertook three acquisitions. The first, BrightTiger Technologies, m... (more)