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Online stores are the new, next-generation, "revolutionize the world as we see it today" way of doing business. In the context of business transactions, online stores use the global Internet to facilitate the purchase and sale of goods and services. The ability to support online sales is an essential component of the new e-business paradigm for Internet-based businesses today. Putting together an enterprise-level application for an Internet store involves design and integration of various technologies that play specific roles in a distributed computing environment. A distributed topology is a prerequisite for building such Internet applications since the Internet is inherently distributed in nature. Due to the plethora of technology alternatives available in the computing arena today, designing architectures for an enterprise application involves choosing between t... (more)

One Little Service Jumping on the Net...

As organizations bravely venture into the world of Web services, they grapple with the age-old question - where do we begin? The main challenge that I have seen with key stakeholders looking to move towards the agile enterprise is solving the dilemma of which approach to take, top down or bottom up. Some key business drivers for considering Web services, which in turn are perpetuated by a desire to add agility to the organization, are reduction of complexity, faster response to change, and reduction in overall cost. This in turn drives the need for reuse. As we all know, the path ... (more)

An Introduction to EJBs With Lots of Code

This was actually the first book on Enterprise JavaBeans that came into the market. Enterprise JavaBeans was released in June and made its debut at JavaOne this year. This is a pretty good book for developers who like to see a lot of code. The examples in the book are used to develop a fairly complex application and the code isn't meant for novices. Tom Valesky presents many examples. I like the fact that the book takes an example and builds its complexity in successive chapters. There's good coverage of distributed architectures and transactions. The author has also dedicated a ... (more)

First Impressions - JaveOne 2002 Show Report

Sun's seventh annual JavaOne conference was held March 25-28 at the Moscone Center in downtown San Francisco. This was the sixth Java conference I attended and it was interesting to compare it with the previous shows. It's All About Networking JavaOne, as always, is a great conference for networking. And I don't mean the networking that requires wires for connectivity. I'm referring to people hooking up with others who are using the Java platform to solve business problems. This JavaOne was no different. I chatted with several attendees about what they expected from the conference... (more)

Letters to the Editor

Online Learning Costs As a DP manager looking for educational opportunities for a large and diverse development staff, I found Jim Milbery's article on online XML courses in XML-Journal [Vol. 2, issue 8] quite enlightening. I agree with the conclusion that online courses work better for overview-type classes rather than detailed technical courses. I was wondering whether you could compare the cost of online courses for a group of about 20-25 to the cost of bringing in a teacher on-site? Charlie Greene via e-mail Direct cost comparisons between on-site courses and online courses a... (more)