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Last year Sun came out with a new set of design guidelines for building enterprise applications using enterprise Java APIs. These APIs are available as a set of documents called the J2EE Blueprints. They include architectural design guidelines for developing enterprise applications using the Java 2, Enterprise Edition APIs. The Silver Bullet The primary benefit of the Blueprints is that after five years and several releases of Java platform products and APIs, there's finally a comprehensive story of how all these technologies offered by Java can plug and play together in enterprise-level applications. Using the Blueprints as guidelines also helps architects and developers make choices between alternative technologies and products, based on the constraints of their business and operating environments. The J2EE Blueprints address enterprise application development usi... (more)

The Mark(et) of XML

A few months ago, at JavaOne, I discussed the possibility of starting an XML publication with the folks at SYS-CON Publications. Two questions came up: "Is it as big as Java?" and "Are there any real products out there?" Both are valid. The first question is the more difficult to answer. XML is a standard. Java is a platform. Is XML as big as Java? Or C++? Or EDI? Or HTML? For one thing, XML isn't a programming language. It isn't a software platform. It isn't a Web presentation language. In some sense XML may be seen as an Internet-enabled version of EDI. However, at its most bas... (more)

JBuilder 7.0 Enterprise Edition

There's no doubt about it. Borland makes great products for developers. They're definitely expensive and usually complex ­ but very powerful. I've been using JBuilder 6 for several months, and when I had the opportunity to review the latest version, I jumped at the chance. I won't take up much of your time by comparing this version with earlier ones, although I will definitely highlight the new features that I found most useful. This review focuses on the Enterprise Edition of JBuilder, not the Standard or Professional. To do serious Java development, especially in a project tea... (more)

Interfacing With XML

A couple of weeks ago I participated in several technical meetings to define the next phase of the architecture of our current products. As usual, any initiatives for a new architecture include requirement considerations for open APIs, platform independence, and loose coupling between components as the basic criteria for the design of the platform components. Our architecture is based on J2EE and XML. The APIs that are exposed by the infrastructure can be categorized into the programmatic APIs that are exposed through object methods and structural APIs. J2EE offers the available ... (more)

<Patterns> XMLDesign </Patterns>

I spent the last weekend childproofing our house. You see, my 11 month-old son has been in India for the last three months with his grandparents. We are going there this weekend to pick him up. I've heard he now moves around speedily and is not easily fooled by an adult's tricks. Anyway, as I was screwing on latches for drawers and cabinets and installing the famous gate needed in any house with stairs, my mind kept wandering to how a nerd like me could do such a good job with hardware. It was all very simple because this procedure has been done many, many times before. All I had... (more)