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I'm glad I stayed on after the breakout sessions to attend the CEO Power Panel at 7 pm at the 12th International Cloud Expo, in New York. It was quite informative and entertaining. As with everything else, the best way to get a view of a new technology area is by asking for independent opinions. The old adage of the six blind men and the elephant comes to mind. Coincidentally, there were six "blind men" on the panel, including our very engaging host, Jeremy Geelan (@jg21). And there were views that converged in a common theme: "Cloud Connects". Jeremy, as always, got the ball rolling with the very provocative challenge: panelists had to devise a succinct sentence that starts "Cloud Computing is like..." and summarized the exact state of the cloud union in June 2013. The response themes were: Kevin Brown, CEO of Coraid - virtualization Brian Patrick Donaghy, CEO of Ap... (more)

Web Products

Our dreams of having the world at our fingertips have been realized in large measure by the advent of the World Wide Web and Web browsers. The Java Platform gained much of its popularity due to its inherently distributed nature and its implicit support for the Web. The Java-based products that are defined under the platform for facilitating Web-based development are a major factor in this support. This month we will peer into The Cosmic Cup to look at the products from Sun Microsystems that support the Web- and browser-based application development. Please note that while a wide... (more)

An Airline Ticket Store Using Java and ColdFusion

Online stores are the new, next-generation, "revolutionize the world as we see it today" way of doing business. In the context of business transactions, online stores use the global Internet to facilitate purchase and sale of goods and services. The ability to support online sales is an essential component of the new e-commerce paradigm for Internet-based businesses today. Putting together an enterprise-level application for an Internet store involves design and integration of various technologies that play specific roles in a distributed computing environment. A distributed topo... (more)

J2EE Has Come a Long Way

I just got back from JavaOne in San Francisco this weekend. My humble opinions on the conference are presented elsewhere in this issue of JDJ. As expected, one of the main themes of JavaOne this year was the J2EE platform and related technologies. Over the last two years, since Sun announced the three editions of the Java Platform, J2EE has come a long way. The products offered by third-party vendors are mature - and a large part of the mundane development activities are abstracted from the programmer. With the Java Connector Architecture (JCA) specification around the corner, i... (more)

Integrating Development

Some years ago I did all my coding in vi, then later in Emacs. I still believe these are great editors; I just don't use them anymore for Java development, especially J2EE application development. I'm much more productive if I use an IDE whose sole purpose in life is to facilitate product development. I can probably still write code faster if I use vi. However, I doubt I could meet my deadlines if all I had was a tool that was primarily meant to be an editor. Emacs is a great environment for setting up and using a development environment. However, it is for all purposes a code ... (more)