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My 2 1/2 year old son has a birth certificate on his door that says "native Texan." Now I've lived in Dallas for several more years than those he has covered in his short stint on this planet, but that doesn't make me a native Texan. I am in a strange state of flux right now. I am originally from India, have lived in Dallas for about 11 years and have a house there, am living out of Denver for a few months, and I spend five working days in Milwaukee every week. While my son is a full-compliant U.S. citizen, I can proclaim some compliance. I guess I can also call myself a Milwaukee resident. There are varying degrees of compliance, and the definition of compliance in any environment is very much dependent on how much leeway that environment offers you. On page 6 (in this issue of JDJ), Nigel Thomas talks about how J2EE is becoming too big as a platform and how this cr... (more)

Complex Relationships

EJB 2.0 is testimony to the fact that the J2EE model has come a long way. You can do a lot of things with 2.0 that were tedious and error-prone in EJB 1.1. The Container Managed Persistence (CMP) relationship management alone makes it worthwhile. Just define all database access through method calls on entity beans, configure the deployment descriptors to recognize the method calls, set the autogeneration of RDBMS tables to "true," start the server, and you're ready to rumble. No more mucking around with databases. Once your DBA has set up your relational database, you never have ... (more)

Living Inside the Box

One of my recent clients had an entire suite of applications that was built on an in-house messaging framework. Several years ago, when not many Java frameworks existed in the market and J2EE was still a few years away, this would have been considered a good thing; today, any new development on a proprietary framework takes the client further away from fully leveraging the facilities offered by J2EE. Although there is definitely a strong push to move to a J2EE enterprise type of environment, migrating legacy systems to J2EE is a formidable undertaking. While this problem can be ... (more)

Palming Java

I'd like to start this month's article with some of my impressions of JavaOne '99. Last year was far more exciting with promises of new magic kits and potions handed out in abundance. This year there was a definite touch of reality in the air with less sleight of hand and more live rabbits actually jumping out of the hat and onto the stage. The smoke and mirrors were still there, but there was some substance behind them. The "real" feel to JavaOne is due to the fact that Sun seems to have finally gotten its story straight in terms of what "ubiquitous" really means. When you look ... (more)

Mapping the Future of CF, Spectra, E-Business and the Internet

CFDJ: Allaire has recently been in the acquisition and partnership mode. Can you give us a brief history of the events over the last couple of years and the rationale behind these decisions? Allaire: One of the primary reasons for going public over a year ago was to create a base of assets that could be leveraged into mergers and acquisitions. We saw a number of areas for expansion for our platform, all of which underlined a long-term strategy for becoming one of the leading Internet business platforms. In 1999 we undertook three acquisitions. The first, BrightTiger Technologies... (more)