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Last year marked another significant period in the evolution of new technologies. Some of these evolutions reflect the various changes that we've seen in the economy. We saw Web services gain momentum, but skepticism still looms regarding the business models to which they'll eventually apply. XML has been firmly steeped in the very essence of most forms of data exchange via the Internet. At the same time, traditional mechanisms of data storage and exchange, namely the ERP and the RDBMS technologies, still control the real business tier. An emerging trend indicates a return to plain Web technologies, as opposed to the development of a thick middle tier that would host the business logic for distributed marketplaces. The economy and failed business models of the past couple of years are driving some of these decisions, as the cost of developing the middle tier is hig... (more)

Other Java APIs And Products

Let's take a minute to recap the discussion we've had so far in The Cosmic Cup. The Java platform is the software platform for the computing environment defined by Java. The Java platform APIs define the application programming interface for the Java platform, which consists of categories of APIs that address different segments of computing and related industries. However, several APIs defined under the scope of Java APIs don't fall under any of the formal categories defined under the Java platform, namely Base Platform, Commerce, Security, Media, Enterprise and Server. In last mo... (more)

Web Products

Our dreams of having the world at our fingertips have been realized in large measure by the advent of the World Wide Web and Web browsers. The Java Platform gained much of its popularity due to its inherently distributed nature and its implicit support for the Web. The Java-based products that are defined under the platform for facilitating Web-based development are a major factor in this support. This month we will peer into The Cosmic Cup to look at the products from Sun Microsystems that support the Web- and browser-based application development. Please note that while a wide... (more)

An Introduction to EJBs With Lots of Code

This was actually the first book on Enterprise JavaBeans that came into the market. Enterprise JavaBeans was released in June and made its debut at JavaOne this year. This is a pretty good book for developers who like to see a lot of code. The examples in the book are used to develop a fairly complex application and the code isn't meant for novices. Tom Valesky presents many examples. I like the fact that the book takes an example and builds its complexity in successive chapters. There's good coverage of distributed architectures and transactions. The author has also dedicated a ... (more)

The Commerce in Java Application Servers

Before we start on the technical front, let me tell you about my latest acquisition. I recently went out to purchase a watch. My wife wanted me to buy one of the fancy ones, but I'm more excited by watches that have all the features ­ stopwatch, backlight, barometer, altimeter, everymeter ­ and the time displayed in BOLD DIGITAL NUMBERS. I usually end up using maybe three out of a hundred features, but at least I have them. But I digress. I thought about where I could get the watch. The amazing thing is that you can buy them in nearly every kind of store ­ superstore, sports sto... (more)